Do You?

I.N.K Summers

A Dream is merely a pyramid built of short-term goals.

-I.N.K Founder

Above is the primary message of the summer program, which encourages youth to begin the process of accomplishing dreams by the simple step of writing them down, as well as  the basic concept of entrepreneurship including; basic of creating business plans, the basics of creating a bank account and the basics of business to customer relationships. The summer program is held over the course of 3-Days and is both fun and thought provoking. Each program is about 40 minutes to an hour long and includes games and group activities as well as open dialogue. The ultimate goal of these games and activities is to turn general dreams into a step-by-step plan, Public speaking is encouraged through fun prizes and very session ends in a backpack give-away!

Below is an example of an achieve your dream contesting entry