Do You?

Program Coordinators

Day 1:

The first day we begin with an ice breaker where we promote autonomous thinking.

The next activity challenge the kids to come up with a profitable business idea and present it to the group.

We end with a reflection and the winning team wins an award.

Day 2:

This day we start with a creative ice breaker where the kids design their own logos.

Next we the I.N.K marketplace opens and the groups gain first hand experience, learning about the basics of the relationship between customers and businesses.

Day 3:

The kids lean how to open a bank account when the I.N.K Bank opens. This a ends with dialogue about goals and a backpack drive. 

I.N.K or I Need Knowledge is a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching the basics of entrepreneurship. We also work with individual program coordinator to address your kids’ personal needs. 

During this three day program we provide snacks and lunch (depending on the time of day),
the program also involves prizes and a school supply giveaway!

Day 1- Businesses are formed.

Day 2- The I.N.K Marketplace Opens!

Day 3- Build Your Ban

To the left is a summary of the day-by-day activities we go through.